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AES or American Education Services is a major loan provider that finances both government-funded and bank-funded student loans. The service has existed since the early 1960s when the state of Pennsylvania sought a way to service student loans falling under the federal program. The answer came in the form of a loan provider, the AES, which still services these loans, even after the program ended in 2010.

Besides handling federal loans dating to before 2010, the AES guarantees as well as processes student loans. It also reaches out to students and, if necessary, works with the federal student loan program to finance college educations across the nation. When you start repaying the loan, the provider processes your monthly payments accordingly and applies them to the remaining loan amount.

AES combines both government and bank loans to help you fully fund your education. This is especially helpful, as often times neither loan by itself can cover all of your college costs. Two, and more importantly, the service then stores all your loan-related information in one place for easier and more convenient access. This way, when processing, guaranteeing, or repaying a loan, you use one provider instead of many, each with its own billing information. Since funds ceased to be distributed under the FFEL Program as of 2010, AES acts as a sister program to FedLoan Servicing to provide financial aid to borrowers in all 50 states.

AES never sets the interest rates on any student loan. When you take out a government loan, you pay what Congress mandates. Likewise, if you get a bank loan, the bank decides what you pay. So, either way, the rates you pay are out of the hands of the loan provider.

Lower Payments with AES Success Student Loans

This is where National Debt Education Relief comes in! As often happens with millions of Americans, student debt becomes a huge burden that overwhelms your finances. If you are having problems paying back your AES student debt, we can help. The great thing about this type of loan is there are multiple options to negotiate lower payments or even eliminate payments which may allow you to pay back much less than you owe when all is said and done.

Income-Based Repayment: monthly payments can be lowered based on your current income and will extend beyond the standard 10-year repayment plan

Income-Sensitive Repayment: also a form of lowered payments that is dependent and variable based on your total debt owed and monthly gross income.

Graduated Repayment: pretty much as it sounds, you pay less in the beginning reaping the benefits of lowered payments when they are needed most and gradually pay more towards the end of the life of the loan.

25-year Extended Repayment: this pushes the life of the loan out so you are paying lower payments but for a longer period of time.

National Debt Education Relief has worked with thousands of people that have Student Debt through American Educational Services (AES) to lower their monthly payments significantly! We have tons of experience working with AES and prepping documents, statements, and paperwork to get you into the right program for your situation. Contact us today to get started!

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Income Based Student Loan Repayment Programs

IBR or income-based repayment plans are programs that reduce the size of your payment based on income and family size. These allow you to reduce your debt into an affordable monthly payment based on your unique situation (which can even be $0/month!).

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Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Loan forgiveness programs are just what they sound like, a portion of the loan is forgiven after time. These programs exist for people that work in multiple fields from education to health care to public service and more. After a fixed number of payments, the remainder of your loan is forgiven completely!

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Student Document Preparation Program

Student Document Preparation Program was made to make it easier for millions of Americans to pay off their student debt. When you consolidate your student loans you get one payment to one lender, once-a-month, it doesn’t get easier than that!

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Income Based Student Loan Repayment Programs
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