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National Debt Education Relief does not provide legal or tax advice. Please contact an attorney or accountant if you need legal or tax advice, respectively. National Debt Education Relief is a document management and document processing organization that manages, prepares and processes documents that enable Clients to acquire a Direct Consolidation Loan provided from the U.S. Department of Education or a U.S. Department of Education Servicer, and Student Loan Direct monitors federal programs for any updates or changes that Client may qualify for and benefit from.

National Debt Education Relief is a private organization and is not endorsed by, associated or affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education or a U.S. Department of Education Servicer, nor is National Debt Education Relief endorsed by, associated or affiliated with any federal, state, or local government agency.
Any payment made directly to National Debt Education Relief  is “payable to National Solutions Inc” and is going towards document preparation and is not applied towards Federal Student Loans.


If the Client complies with its obligations to return National Debt Education Relief emails and phone calls and did provide all their timely accurate information such as employer verification and status, adjusted gross income, tax filing status, and number of dependents claimed on their taxes, and National Debt Education Relief did not submit the Clients consolidation submission through the Department of Education – National Debt Education Relief will give the Client 100% of their money back. The document preparation fee has been earned by National Debt Education Relief once National Debt Education Relief has submitted the direct consolidation loan paperwork to the U.S. Department of Education or a U.S. Department of Education Servicer on behalf of a Client. For the purpose of requesting a refund, please contact National Debt Education Relief via phone at (855-751-5510​)
There are occasions when a National Debt Education Relief staff member gathered information over the phone and attempted to help a client apply for a certain Government backed program based on the information collected, yet that Client did not get approved for that program or was approved for a program that was more expensive or less desirable to the Client. In these cases, National Debt Education Relief is more than happy to issue a full refund to the Client. Refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis.

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